Welcome to Elite Sports and Fitness, a leader in sports training, nutrition and fitness for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Elite Sports and Fitness offers programs and services for professional, amateur, collegiate, high school, youth athletes, business executives and industry professionals.

Elite Sports and Fitness was opened in 2013 by Matt Foley who wanted to create the ultimate combination of training and atmosphere under one roof. “When people arrive to train with us I want them to feel a charge and be pumped for what we are about to do.” The layout of Elite Sports and Fitness is a simple one, only providing what you need to excel. You will not find expensive one-dimensional machines here; everything is multipurpose to provide the best training effect. “In your day or in your game you are not restricted by guide rods or having your movement controlled. So why train that way?”

Once inside the training facility the energy and interactions between coaches and clients is like being at a summer time family reunion or like meeting with old friends for a pickup game. “You can’t get the most out of someone if they are not your friend and don’t respect you. I want people to be excited to train and to know that we have their backs as they push harder and harder each training session.” Elite Sports and Fitness works with you to train the correct way, while always keeping in mind why you are training. Whether you’re training to play Division 1 sports, make your high school team or to look great at the beach, Elite Sports and Fitness will be there to help you achieve your goals with superior training. Elite’s professional strength coaches are energizing, motivating and will inspire you to reach new levels of personal bests. “Don’t be average, be Elite.”