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Well I know that it is hard to believe but yes, spring training is right around the bend.  This spring at Elite Sports and Fitness is looking to be one of our bigger springs to date.

The great part about the spring program is how it prepares the athlete for the even vigorous summer program (here at Elite).  The spring program is a great time for the athletes to decompress and let their bodies heal from the long, hard winter season.  It is a chance for the athlete to finally get back into balance in terms of diet and recovery (which we all know needs to be improved).

There is a quote, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

Youth sports are more competitive than 15, 10, 5, hell even last year and even if you are playing for fun there are athletes out there that are playing for their future.  So if you want to still enjoy the sport you grew up playing you should really consider improving your foundation. Or if you are looking to go to the next level you need to prepare your body too not just your game through practice.

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